Monday, 26 July 2010

Trip to Bristol, Art of The New World

I was lucky enough to have my parents drive me and my finacee to Bristol, because I just could not miss this spectacle, the 2 hour drive was worth it, the room was filled with amazing talent, and I finally got to see a piece of Mark Ryden work live!! I examined every paint stroke and did a sketch of the piece. Above is Liz McGrath with her sparkly cerberus and AJ Fossik with his delicious mad wolf beast.

Polly Morgan

Polly is exhibiting her work at this address.. 
6 Burlington Gardens
London W1S 3ET
United Kingdom
her work has a delicious macabre look, mixing fine taxidermy skills with other objects. 

Painting for the kingdom

Here is a preview of the painting I am doing for mine and Kirsty's flat, it's getting there, but alot more detail needs to go in, it is painted in acrylics, which is fun to use apart from the fact that they dry up so fast! 

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Whilst looking for new ideas for girls t-shirts, I found this awesome mask by mr.Banwell! Unicorn love forever.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dave McKean is a lovely chap

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave when he did a talk at Loughborough uni when I was studying there for my foundation course, he really inspired me to experiment with scanners and jam. afterwards he was kind enough to withstand me rambling at him about how awesome I think he is and he even drew my portrait! I give him 10/10, also another thing to catch if you havent seen it is Dave McKean's MirrorMask, amazing film.

Mark Ryden

I have been intensely interested in Mark's work since I saw the album cover he did for Jack off Jill, 'Clear hearts and Grey flowers'. Earlier this year, I was in Camden market when I came across a stall, spotting an actual Mark Ryden ring with pictures of the 'Meat train' on it! obviously I purchased it, as you can see above. 

My Boy

Here is a watercolour I created of my love Tom Pykett, he INSISTED i gave him pupils and irises this time as he doesn't like it when I paint him without them as he feels it makes him look soulless.

Trip to White Cube

Myself and my friends Kirsty Bouri and Helen Hulbert went down to London to attend the Bizarre Ball2010 (which was amazing and full of creative wonderments such as Joe Black) but before we went down to Hoxton to visit my favorite gallery, White Cube. Marc Quinn was exhibiting his new sculptures focusing on people who have undergone extreme levels of plastic surgery and transformations. We tried to take more pictures but the SQUARES at the gallery told us off, I managed to snap a few on my iphone.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Kirsty Bouri

I like to paint me friend Kirsty Bouri, she has the most awesome face and hair to draw, here are some irregular ideas

Vicky Morgan

VICKY MORGAN is amazing, she is an illustrator and an extremely talented tattooist based in Nottingham, she works at BodyCraft. Here is a tattoo she did on my stomach.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Michael Hussar

                                                                   Red Red Robin
                                                                     -Lover's Eye 15
                                                                    -Lover's Eye 11
I saw Michael Hussar's work on Kat Von D's LA ink, and I have been in love ever since, here are some examples of his fine painting skills. I hope he Exhibits his work in England sometime soon.


To begin, I shall start at the beginning, a very good place to start, well here is two of my own pieces of work, Helen and Tom, you decide which is which.