Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Chris Anthony=delicious

My friend Jodhi Needs-Ham introduced me to a website called cgunit, its awesome! it has all the kind of artists i like on it, so i had a right rummage. I found photographer/artist Chris Anthony, I believe i saw his work at the new world art gallery in Bristol, but i may of just made that up in my head.
Anyway, his photographs are haunting and murky. The girl with the stripey legs reminds me of Hans Bellmer esque art and the guy in the pointy hat reminds me of the mighty Michael Hussar. The paleness of the pictures makes me feel like the imagery is dreamy.

Verdict- This Chris guy is a fantastic artist, one to watch.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Joel-Peter Witkin and his corpsey photography

My friend Dan Wheeler was showing me some photographers he thought I might like, and he unleashed the enigma that is Joel-Peter Witkin. He was a very naughty man who used to dig up dead bodies and pose them in often recall religious episodes or famous classical paintings. I am intrigued in his work, it is so cold and haunting, he must of had a strong stomach to go messing about with corpses. He used alot of midget, haermaphrodite, mutated and transsexual corpses, what i want to know is, how the hell did he know where these midget/transsexual/mutated corpses were buried?! Or did he literally dig every grave up ever in some kind of twisted lucky dip?

Anyway, here are some images I enjoyed most.


I discovered Chalie le Mindu due to him designing some hairy wonderments for Lady Gaga. He is an amazing artist who knows good hair. I love hair, I am looking at it in my current work, hair can really change a person completely with colour or the cut.

GMGA photography

My friend Patrick Sampson took a snap of me for his portfolio. He is a super awesome photographer and has his own company GMGA photography. I don't know what that stands for, but I'm sure its pretty awesome.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hair shine and tattoo detail

its getting there! this is the best acrylic painting i have ever done so far in my tender life.

Monday, 17 January 2011

My very own Dorian Gray part 3

I am going to add tattoos and scars next, not sure what to do with the genitals but its going to be disgusting :)

My very own Dorian Gray part 2

I am using alots of Hans Bellmer and Michael Hussar methods in creating this, I am feeling more confident about it now it is starting to take form.