Wednesday, 17 November 2010

eye carving

I am now carving the eye sockets so that I can put resin eyes in it. Richard Arm the technician wonderment was kind enough to show me how to do it.

my head is born!

As you can see, there is alot of silicone around the face, this is because I left the silicone to set face down, so the face would have no naked areas.

flexi foam madness

After I had poured 1000 grams of silicone into my mold, I slushed it around so that all the surfaces were evenly covered with silicone. I then mixed up some flexi foam and poured it in, it went crazy and spewed out the mold like fizzed coke!

More Headdage

Here I am clamping shut my fibre glass jacket, ready to fill it with my silicone. I used clamps at first, but they fell off! Think its because of the uneven shape of the jacket. So I threaded cable grips into the holes I had made in the fibre glass jacket and clamped it tight.

Silicone 10T head

I have started my 2nd year of fine art, and to start the year I have decided to acquire some special effects skills. I bought some 10T silicone, flexi-foam III, and some tolulene from Bentley to make it with. Here I am taking off the silicone jacket.